Standing By Her Man


“Behind every great man stands a great woman” … and Hagar the Horrible is no exception. His wife, Helga, is the glue that holds their clan together. While Hagar may instill terror in the outside world, it’s Helga who “wears the skins” in the family. Whether she is keeping the home fires burning while Hagar is off on one of his far-flung adventures, counseling Honi, their teenage daughter, on matters of the heart or keeping a protective eye on their son Hamlet, Helga is a devoted wife and mother who does what’s best for her family … whether they want it or not!




HGC20140424  HGC20140501 HGC20140430


One thought on “Standing By Her Man

  1. Looking to contact someone in regard to a Hagar 5 frame strip which I would very much like permission. Thank You for your consideration, Diane C. Williams

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